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Benefits of Safflower Seed Oil; • accelerates metabolism • contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which converts fat molecules into smaller ones and helps to lose weight by dissolving the accumulated fat in the body • strengthens the stomach • protects the muscle tissue in the body • strengthens the immune system • it is protective against cancer with its well-known antioxidant properties • balances cholesterol and blood sugar • facilitates menstrual bleeding • it is effective against rheumatic pain • increases sexual desire • gives vigor to the body. • has cell regenerating properties • moisturizes the skin • USAGE: It can be used safely in fries, meals and salads. When used as aromatherapy and massage oil, regional fat lose will be observed. It can be used in hair care as 1-2-hour cures per day. • WARNING: Information on the benefits of the product is based on scientific research findings. It is only supportive and advisory.