May 2019

What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil can be obtained from coconut and seeds of coconut by cold press technique. This oil is famous because it is used in very different areas. You can use coconut oil, in cooking, skin, health or hair care. It contains very beneficial elements and fatty acids like linoleic acid. Let’s look at coconut oil’s 5 important benefits for skin:   1)It Moisturizes the Skin Coconut oil is natural moisturizer for skin. Especially in dry skins, this oil reduces the loss of moisture in the skin and it softens the skin. It can be used for both body and face. If you use coconut oil as a mask for your face, the oil will be absorbed by your skin quickly and you will have a very soft skin.   2)It Reduces Acnes According to many researches, coconut oil reduces acnes and